We Bring the Waste-to-Energy Advantage

TerraLogix Agribusiness Video:

The on-going expansion of global opportunities for both small and large producers tied to domestic dairy, pork, chicken and cattle has brought with it the vital need to solve burgeoning animal waste issues associated with CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations). Massive pressures are being placed on both the environment, local communities, and the taxpayer.   

TerraLogix Group is committed to the long-term vitality of the family farm and offers a solution for both small and large producers through deployment of TerraLogix pyrolysis projects that address key issues in this critical sector of agriculture.

TerraLogix’s Waste-to-Energy Advantage:

  • Eliminates the need for large manure lagoons
  • Reduces the carbon footprint from storing and spreading raw manure
  • Reduces runoff of nutrients from farm fields into major water supplies

AND increases revenue through key end products:

  • Cogenerated Heat
  • Biofuel
  • Syngas (for energy production)
  • Biochar