For thousands of years, humans have extracted carbon stored in the earth through agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and petroleum extraction. Much of that carbon has ended up in the atmosphere, contributing to the global climate change we all face. 

Through machinery and consulting services, TerraLogix Group LLC (TerraLogix) is committed to bringing new technologies involving the production of biochar into widespread use to sequester carbon, stabilize and enhance agricultural soils, and create valuable renewable energy products that will lead global communities back to a sustainable balance with Nature. 

The Global Sanitation Dilemma

We Focus on the Human Cost of Waste

TerraLogix Global Sanitation Solutions Video:

What We Do
 Right now over 2.3 billion people around the globe do not have access to proper sanitation facilities. Developed and developing nations alike are facing crumbling sewage infrastructure or non-existent public sewage capacity.  In providing a powerful, sustainable global sanitation solution at the point of collection, TerraLogix Group is taking a purposeful approach to addressing one of humanity’s most critical global issues.

TerraLogix Group uses pyrolysis technologies to eliminate large quantities of human, animal and other organic waste to keep that waste out of the public water supply, and out of the air we breath. We then transform this waste into useful, key end products like co-generated heat, biofuel, syngas and biochar, to benefit the local populations.

Particularly in the developing world where massive amounts of human and animal waste sludge exist, deployment of TerraLogix Group pyrolysis projects can provide efficient and sustained waste elimination, while also providing significant amounts of electricity in areas where both sanitation and power are at a premium.  The biofuel our process produces is also highly useful as a non-petroleum, lower-cost alternative to “No.6,” commonly called “Bunker Oil.” 

By delivering our mobile units known as the “Night Soil Express” via truck or barge, local populations can deploy our technology when and how they choose.

The TerraLogix Group Focus:

  • Provides a global sanitation solution
  • Solves the problems of waste and access to power
  • Reduce carbon emissions while improving agricultural practices
  • Empowers domestic and international communities in their efforts to live sustainably

Solutions for Municipalities and The Public Sector

We can Solve the Landfill Dilemma Posed by New Regulations

TerraLogix Municipal Waste Solutions Video:

What We Do
The need for public entities to find solutions to their organic waste dilemma has accelerated in recent years. In such states as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maryland, newly passed regulations now make it impossible - and illegal -  for the disposal of organic waste in public landfills. Other states are likely to follow suit.

TerraLogix Group can provide municipalities, regional wastewater utilities, and other public entities with a powerful tool for eliminating waste while at the same time generating opportunities for cost savings and revenue.

Through TerraLogix pyrolysis, public entities can turn their wastewater sludge, pre- or post-consumer food waste, and additional organic waste materials into biochar and other marketable energy products. This presents an opportunity for public entities to engage with TerraLogix Group and transform their waste problem into a waste-to-wealth solution.

The TerraLogix Solution: 

Offer opportunities to increase revenue through key end products:

  • Cogenerated Heat
  • Biofuel
  • Syngas (for energy production)
  • Biochar


We Bring the Waste-to-Energy Advantage

TerraLogix Agribusiness Video:

The on-going expansion of global opportunities for both small and large producers tied to domestic dairy, pork, chicken and cattle has brought with it the vital need to solve burgeoning animal waste issues associated with CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations). Massive pressures are being placed on both the environment, local communities, and the taxpayer.   

TerraLogix Group is committed to the long-term vitality of the family farm and offers a solution for both small and large producers through deployment of TerraLogix pyrolysis projects that address key issues in this critical sector of agriculture.

TerraLogix’s Waste-to-Energy Advantage:

  • Eliminates the need for large manure lagoons
  • Reduces the carbon footprint from storing and spreading raw manure
  • Reduces runoff of nutrients from farm fields into major water supplies

AND increases revenue through key end products:

  • Cogenerated Heat
  • Biofuel
  • Syngas (for energy production)
  • Biochar