Solutions for the Public Sector 

We Solve the Landfill Dilemma Posed by New Regulations

TerraLogix Municipal Waste Solutions Video:

The need for public entities to find solutions to their organic waste dilemma has accelerated in recent years. In such states as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maryland, newly passed regulations now make it impossible - and illegal - for the disposal of organic waste in public landfills. Other states are likely to follow suit.

Municipalities & Private Enterprise
TerraLogix Group provides municipalities, regional wastewater utilities, and other public entities with a powerful tool for eliminating waste while at the same time generating opportunities for cost savings and revenue.

Through TerraLogix pyrolysis, public entities can turn their wastewater sludge, pre- or post-consumer food waste, and additional organic waste materials into biochar and other marketable energy products. This presents an opportunity for public entities to engage with TerraLogix Group and transform their waste problem into a waste-to-wealth solution.

The TerraLogix Solution:

Offers opportunities to increase revenue through key end products:

  • Cogenerated Heat
  • Biofuel
  • Syngas (for energy production)
  • Biochar